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TEI provides System Engineering support to the AEGIS Combat System (ACS) baseline development, beginning with system definition through system acceptance; "from cradle to grave". This encompasses the definition of system capabilities, development of element level specifications, milestone review of system specifications, software development, testing, and certification of the system for delivery.


TEI engineers utilize models and simulators throughout baseline development for Engineering Test and Evaluation (ET&E), and Verificatin and Validation (V&V) efforts for element acceptance. Simulators are used to represent tactical environments, ship configuration, and inject threats into the system for conducting ET&E and other system testing.


TEI has participated in the re-engineering, testing and evaluations of new electronic hardware for system testing for on-board ships at production test facilities. Our team has assisted in the witnessing, validation and approval of AEGIS Weapon System's (AWS) acceptance test procedures in support of pre-production test equipment and production hardware.


TEI is leading the Navy Review Team in conducting detailed technical reviews of system requirements, tracking from baseline development to element level and element interface requirements. This process ensures that system developments reflect the latest design, configuration, integration, and installation concepts.


TEI engineers perform technical evaluations and support for modifications of test software algorithms to existing Commercial Off-the Shelf (COTS) hardware. Our engineers have the experience and capability of assessing and validating software, such as C++ and Java for test systems support and integration by utilizing knowledge of System Development from initial planning, concept design, implementation, testing and operational maintenance. We achieve all mission critical goals to support the Navy in efforts to test and integrate sub-systems. TEI achieved 100% on-time delivery, within scope, schedule and budget.


TEI engineers participate in efforts for the AEGIS BMD Mission Planner during BMD 4.0.1 and ACB12 baseline development to improve its Human-Machine INterface through  multiple Heuristic and Usability Evaluations and Working Groups. These efforts involved assessments of displays and available tools provided to the Warfighter to determine effectiveness and workload requirements to achieve  mission objectives, taking into account operator roles, education, training, mission doctrine, statistical human error data, and environment.


TEI utilizes engineering and analytical disciplines to incorporate the Navy policy of maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for personnel in all aspects of design, development, operation, maintenance, and modification of computer programs and systems. Through the use of Technical In-Process Reviews and Failure Review Boards, we ensure all safety concerns are addressed when designing and servicing programs and equipment.


TEI engineers verify functionality, performance, and physical characteristics of the ACS, utilizing configuration management processes to control changes and track configurations. All test events conducted include a review of the configuration and loads to ensure only configuration managed loads are used to verify functionatliy. Leading to certification and major milestone test events, Change Review Boards (CRB) and Change Control Boards (CCB) are initiated to control changes made to the systems.

Quality Assurance (qa) support

TEI engineers use a systematic approach to monitoring and evaluating vvarious aspects of production from design, manufacturing, and installation that ensure standards of quality are being met. These efforts involve quality control reviews of Material Review Boards (MRBs), Minor and Major Waivers, Engineering Change Notices (ECN), Standard Repair Procedures (SRPs), and other non-conformances to ensure that Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are being used. Our engineers are active members in Failure Review Boards (FRBs) to ensure that production failures, test integration failures and Navy Fleet failures are addressed with proper root cause and corrective actions plans.


TEI engineers conduct reviews of the ACS infrastructure design for Information Assurance (IA) to ensure proper requirements are defined to verify the secuirty of the AWS databases. We review generated test procedures to conduct engineering assessment of IA, and conduct tests with LM engineers to generate data for analysis of discovered IA vulnerabilities needed to be addressed for the next cycle of testing. TEI participates in working groups to determine procedures for updating AWS threat databases to ensure all elements are using compatible configurations.

Interoperability, test and evaluation, trials support

TEI provides systems test support for the AWS. Working with test and evaluation engineers at LM MS2 and Raytheon, TEI provides engineering support to ensure test operators perform tested applications in accordance with specifications and operator/technical manuals. Observing and participating in events like Linkex, Jamex, Stress and Endurance tests, System Demonstrations, Engineering Assessments, and System Acceptance tests, enables TEI to ensure that systems and Warfighting capabilities have been properly tested and that joint interoperability requirements have been met at all life-cycle levels.

Measurement facilities, range and instrumentation support

In support of measurement facilities, TEI ensures that Government Furnished Test Equipment and instrumentations are sufficiently funded, properly maintained, calibrated, and operational for system and sub-system testing, evaluating, and experimenting with new platforms. TEI also supports near-field and far-field range testing and instrumentation, including data collection and analysis at Wallops Island Navy Test Facility in Virginia; PTC at LM in Moorestown, NJ; and Integrated Defense System at Raytheon's facility in Andover, MA.

Supply and provisioning support

TEI is currently supporting the supply and provisioning for the AWS. TEI interfaces with the following to ensure timely and efficient delivery and shipping of GFE and Contractor Furnished Material (CFE) of AWS on behalf of AEGIS TECHREP.


With Raytheon Six Sigma training certification, TEI engineers have supported Lean and Kaizen Events to enhance manufacturing procedures and to promote operator process improvement initiatives by effectively giving back ownership and infusing their own ideas and solutions. TEI also has expertise in Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) from the Marshall Institute. Our engineers have participated in TPM projects to reduce down time and to mitigate catastrophic failures in system testing that would pose additional cost and risk to schedule and delivery.

In-service engineering, fleet introduction, installation and checkout support

TEI personnel representing AEGIS TECHREP are involved with inspection of the shipyards' GFE and NFM equipment until the ship set is transferred to the shipyard.

program support

TEI is responsible for a myriad of program support functions for the District of Columbia Navy Yard under previously issued TOs. Our Program Support is designed to reduce cost and provide continuity between program management support activities, such as briefings and executive level supports. TEI coordinates and reviews operation procedures for the AEGIS TECHREP office, as well as contracts between the Navy and Raytheon, provisioning technical documentation for AEGIS Program, and ORDALTS and ordnance directive requirements.